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  • New Product Support Team created Stephanie has organized a brand new Auxiliary Leadership Group to educate people on the Coastal membership and to add more value to all three levels. Watch for news and sneak peeks coming soon!

  • Marketing Co-ops for BLITZ week! Get some really awesome deals on pre-launched marketing campaigns, and have plenty of people to talk to during the team BLITZ! Watch your numbers soar as you plug into this dynamic event. It will take yoiur business to a whole new level! Email me to ge the latest discounts on the campaigns.

  • New Detailed Product Overview Impress your retail clients with this new full-color version of the detailed product overview. Click HERE to go see it.

  • The Discussion Forum is up and running! - Make sure you log in and come introduce yourself and network with the rest of the team. Exchange marketing ideas and successful strategies. Learn faster from everyone else's experiences. Come join the fun!

  • The Party Postcards and Portfolios are here! They are beautiful, full-color, glossy card stock. They will certainly impress any business or individual you are sharing the information with. For details on how to order them, please email Steph.


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